Sabtu, 02 Maret 2013

What are Smartphone Applications for You?

Are they tools that add value to your activities and your life?
Do they introduce you to the bright world of technology and amaze you?
Do they help you? Or they just simply make you happy?

Well, I have story about applications that inspired me lately.

1. Endomondo
I start running last year and I used Endomondo to record my trainings. I started running at the same time I began vegetables diet. I spent times to pay more attention to what I consumed, and how they affect my body. I started to list the calories of what I consume and Endomondo calculates calories spent at my every running. I experience good things from that.

But about 2 weeks ago, Endomondo inspired me different way! It wasn't how great the technology detects your running track or calories spent. I was inspired by the icon of Endomondo!

Find the similarity between Endomondo and my Endomondo?
I have to talk about my proffesion as TV creative in front of elementary students for Kelas Inspirasi. And somehow, the icon gave me an idea to create a puppet show. I create story for TV program, and puppet master tell a story trough his/her dolls, what a great inspiration from a running applications! And the students easily understood what exactly my job is.

So I was a happy teacher that day. The blue-white stripped puppet's name is Endomondo, just like its aspirer.
Photo by : Ardi Wilda & Gita Adi Tamtama

2. Blogger & Twitter
Also in last year, I start this blog. Where most of the writings are about my trip. Trough this blogging activity, I start a new community with people around the world, get new friends, and am inspired by their stories.
There are at least 2 stories inspire me from a blog writings.

The first one is a story about Birthday written by @JustHitYou in his Border That Breaks Tumblr, here. It is more than a story about establishing the very first birthday of a little Malawi girl named Priska Chamato. It's about how you give meanings to something, and give meanings to everyone's most valuable : Life
Read the great story here.

The second story comes from @mindoel via her blog, here. I felt bad not to win her photo in Turnamen Foto Perjalanan Ronde 9 with Kids theme, because when it comes to Traveling and Kids, she would be the first figure pops up in my head. She tweets with a unique campaign #Travelwithbaby (now #Travelwithinfant). The baby who has just turned one last month is her lovely daughter, Medea Kedasih. Reading her Traveller Baby sequels feels different with you imagining a cute baby around this Mama Mindy's journey. I feel : Love
Her parents show her the world since her very young age, you gonna be a personality, Traveler Kecil!
Read Traveller Baby stories here.

After I've got so much Life & Love from them, now it's time for me to give back. So I got an idea of sending Endomondo puppet and his friend to Priska and Medea.

I've once promised @mindoel to send these puppets for Medea. And after helping me at Kelas Inspirasi, there they go to Germany. I hope they arrived safely and Medea will love her new accompany.

@JustHitYou has just closed receiving letters from his blog readers who want to greet Africa, here. Greetings, stories about Indonesia, dreams of visiting the Black Continent, they are all welcome. So I take advantage of this opportunity to interact with Priska by sending these puppets as birthday gift. I want her to feel special because her birthday is also celebrated across her country. If it is not possible to send the parcel to Malawi where Priska is domiciled, I trust @JustHitYou to hand it to anyone that he thought needed. Thanks for voluntarily being courier!

I haven't met @JustHitYou nor @mindoel , but it feels good to be connected! I hope to see you guys real soon! 

So what are smartphone applications for you? Have you used them at their utmost?

Ah, and I use 1st page of Kompas newspaper special New Year 2013 edition as wrapping paper. It comes with a message of "Saling Berbagi" (Sharing), what a coincidence!

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  1. Whoaaa....thank you for this lovely post. I had teary eyes reading your beautiful words. Semoga kita bisa travel bareng kalau aku dan Medea pulang kampung. Again, DANKE!!!!