Sabtu, 10 November 2012

Retrospective Video on a Journey to Tuo Datai Village of Talang Mamak Tribe

in this land|
it is not an adventure|
its not a heroic story of wanderers|
its not about adrenaline challenge|
with those tensions|
none of them||

but in this land|
new dailies became your new rituals|
new wisdom made you realize what you lack of|
you appreciated the heritage of nature & ancestors as yours|
you found the new family as those who will always you miss|
to visit||

yes, there's one thing you can not find here|
here, no slightest difference allowed to separate|
no mass productions and superb technologies|
which slowly drown the human side|
of human||

Look, there is no mosque|
Look, there is no church|
Look, there is no temple|
Look, there is no monastery|
Look, there is no mosque, church, temple and monastery|
which separate me from you from Him from them||

here, there's no school grade that becomes your god|
no soaring career that becomes your heaven|
here, it is okay if you don't agree||

Is it really not an adventure?||

for us|
this land|
whispered us to always be tough|
facing every single uncertain things|
and leave our heart for every moments shared||

This retrospective video contains footage and tells story of our journey to Tuo Datai Village of Talang Mamak Tribe, deep in the jungle of Bukit Tigapuluh National Park, Riau-Indonesia. It's about the experience and the lessons we get from our trip.

Read full story here.

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